• activities

    Stream Invest Holding AG (SIH) invests in companies that:

    • hold project rights for renewable energy plants
    • develop renewable energy projects
    • build renewable energy plants
    • operating renewable energy plants

    via creation of wholly-owned subsidiaries or purchase of shares of existing companies.

    SIH provides specialized technical, legal and financial services along the whole value creating chain, from green field development to construction and operation of renewable energy power plants and invests in industrial capacities for renewable energy technologies.

    Asset Management

    Stream Invest Holding AG founds asset-management companies in selected markets.

    The mission of these companies being to advise, administer, and optimise the companies operating renewable energy power plants which are organisationally directly subordinate to the asset-management companies.

    Project Development

    Stream Invest Holding AG invests in new and existing project-development and engineering companies in selected target countries.

    These companies manage the development of projects from green field to “ready to build” status and in some cases until the handover of the turn-key power plant.

    Specialized Services

    A dense network of specialized companies with experts in the renewable energy sector.

    Through the acquisition and foundation of specialized companies under its roof, as well as association with selected key partners, Stream Invest Holding AG provides the different specific technical, legal and financial services necessary along the whole value creating chain of renewable energy power plants, from green field development to financing, construction and operation, up to capacity building and industry development.

    Energy Production / Venture Capital

    Stream Invest Holding AG initiates the creation of venture-capital companies.

    The mission of these companies is to invest in ready to build or already operating power plants, with the objective to produce earnings through the sale of electricity. Offering investors the opportunity to take stakes in material assets.

    Manufacturer for Wind Equipment

    Stream Invest Holding AG is investing directly in manufacturers of equipment for the renewable energy sector.

    Investments in companies along the value-creation chain, in particular in the field of wind power, ensure that Stream Invest Holding AG will have strategic and economic advantages, such as secured availability of plant hardware as well as potentially lower costs of supply, which would be nearly impossible through conventional contracts with equipment suppliers.

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