• strategy

    Stream Invest Holding AG (SIH) is building its diversified renewable energy equity investment portfolio on 4 foundations:

    • Invest in project development companies
    • Invest in projects in different development stages
    • Invest in own operating wind and solar energy production assets
    • Offer specialized technical, legal and financial services in the area of renewable energies

    Stream Invest Holding AG will continue  its growth in the renewable energy sector and will extend its presence with new investments,  especially in emerging markets and the industry sector.

    Know-how transfer and capacities will play a growingly important role as the use of renewable energies further expands around the world, therefore SIH  is constantly strengthening its capacities and foster strategic partnerships in this area.


  • Present Core Business


    Europe and CIS countries

    • Project Development
    • Financing
    • EPC services
    • Operations services
    • Consulting

    Development Targets


    Emerging Markets

    • Know-how Transfer
    • Capacity Building
    • Industry Development
    • Manufacturing